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There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of an intense workout and feeling uncomfortable because your clothes don’t fit well. Many people overlook the fact that often what you wear while exercising makes just as much a difference as how you exercise. Exercise involves various movements that require your body to twist and turn in ways that a pair of stiff bottoms just will not allow. Finding the best workout pants for your workout is crucial.

This is why its a good idea for you to invest in some of the best workout pants for whatever your activity of choice may be. Consider the type of material, level of elasticity and ability to wick moisture that your pants offer when shopping for exercise attire. As tempting as it may be to score a great deal, stop before you buy and check out the quality of the bottoms.

What to Look For

Will your pants begin to wither quickly after a few washes? Are you going to sweat right through them in the middle of a Zumba class? Would you like to keep them long-term? Would you like to be back in a few months, searching for a replacement pair? It is also wise to consider buying specific pants for your different workouts. Different workouts often call for different characteristics and qualities in pants.

For instance, if you have an intense strength training session you might want to throw on a pair of compression pants. Compression pants constrict your muscles which may increase blood flow during the workout and can decrease soreness. If you’re into staying flexible during your yoga class, then something stretchy with a comfortable elastic waistband will be the best workout pants for you.

Don’t forget to read labels for fabric details, as well. Some fabrics are more light, silky and breathable, such as bamboo and nylon. Others are the best at absorbing moisture, like cotton. Finding a pair of the best workout leggings requires being a little pickier about durability and narrowing down your preference based on performance.

Remember to consider these important factors highlighted above when shopping for your exercise pants, as they will help to tailor fit your workout!

Here’s a list of some of the best workout pants to help you perform at the best of your ability. Whether you are running a marathon, stretching in hot yoga or slamming down some heavy weights, you need these pants.

1. Lululemon Align Pant II

Best For: Yoga

lululemon align pant

These pants are great for your next yoga session. They are made for free movement and are not restrictive. Lululemon has designed them to be tight fitting while remaining smooth and soft against your skin while providing a light compressing effect. They also have an inside pocket to stash your belongings, which makes these simply a win-win with this choice.

2. Athleta Stripe Chaturanga Capri

Best For: Yoga/Light Aerobics

Athleta Stripe Chaturanga Capri

These edgy pants have lots of cool features to help you breeze through a workout with comfort and ease. They are fitted, mid-rise and have a wider waistband for more comfort. Athleta also has a signature design for the crotch area to allow it to be more breathable. Not to mention a cool key pocket on the inside!

3. Capezio Women’s Capezio Women’S Supplex® Ankle Legging

Best For: Dance

Capezio Women's Capezio Women'S Supplex Ankle Legging

The Capezio leggings are made with a high grade nylon and spandex blend that makes flexibility and ease of movement seem more flawless than ever before. This particular style is more plain, but the this type of legging comes in many different cuts and colors to fit your dancing needs.

The material is also extremely breathable, which makes it easier to focus on what you’re doing instead of your comfort level. The great part is that these are machine washable, but keep them out of the dryer to keep the stretch fresh and effective.

4. Active Research Women’s Compression Pants

Best for: Running

Active Research Women's Compression Pants

Compression pants have come a long way, and they are now one of the most popular clothing items for running among women athletes. They are sometimes much more comfortable than shorts, help prevent chaffing and don’t need adjusting.

These pants by Active Research are full length and made from high quality stretch materials. They exude both high levels of comfort, and allow you to keep going even when your body is colder. We can’t recommend these pants for avid runners enough.

5. Virus Energy Series Bioceramic Full Women’s Compression Pants

Best For: Strength Training/Athletic Training

Virus Energy Series Bioceramic Full Women's Compression Pants

These pants are for you if you’re into intense training.The Virus Compression pants were specially designed for high endurance athletes. These complex pants emit far-infrared therapy directly from the material via a combination of natural compounds, including zinc and aluminum.

These pants are engineered to assist with repairing and regenerating tissues, fighting fatigue, reducing inflammation and soreness and improving overall circulation. Talk about an attire fit for a superhero.

6. Viosi Women’s Premium Yoga Pants

Best For: Yoga

Viosi Women's Premium 250gsm Fold Over Cotton Spandex Lounge Yoga Pants

Did someone say a blast from the past? Viosi is taking us back to the seventies with these comfy flared yoga pants. These pants make sure to offer extra comfort and then some with their high-stretch fabric and snug fit waist to lose bottom fit combo. The best part is after you’ve bent and stretched yourself out, you can pair these beauties with a cute top and they double as great bottoms for a regular day out.

7. Nike Pro Hypercool Training Shorts

Best for: Running/Strength Training

nike womens 3 inch compression short

Nike has packaged some heavy duty training features into a pair of aesthetically pleasing shorts. Pop in your headphones and train wearing the Hypercool training shorts, which feature Nike’s Dri-FIT technology and specialized sweat-wicking material that allows you to stay cool,dry and comfortable throughout your workout.

They also have a thin, fitted elastic waistband. Searching for the best workout pants just became the best workout shorts!

8. Evolve Flexi Lexi Dancer Legging

Best for: Dance, Barre, and even Pilates


Evolve has brought the beauty and grace of ballet attire and created a perfect pair of functional workout leggings.These pants are elegant from the tie that wraps around the calf and ankle to the silky feel of the non-compression fabric.

They are lightweight, quick drying and come in multiple artistic designs. These are some of the best workout pants for women out there!

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