The at-home crossfit gym of your dreams is almost complete. But you still need to find the best jump ropes on the market. We’re listing the top 10 here.

Unless you can cut out at lunchtime, you know the gym is going to be busy.

Once you join the five o’ clock rush, you’re fighting for machines. That doesn’t make for a great workout.

After some deliberation, you’ve decided to start doing CrossFit at home. There’s no lines, no wait time, and no commute.

You’ve worked hard on your home gym, but something’s missing. You’re looking for the best jump ropes to tone and challenge your body.

Our Top 10 List of the Best Jump Ropes

Well, look no further. We’ve found 10 of the best jump ropes for CrossFit. Any of these would be a great addition to your home gym.

1. Buddy Lee Aero Speed Rope

Buddy Lees Aero Speed Hyperformance Jump Rope with EXTRA Replacement Cord

If you don’t mind the extra weight from the PVC cord and thick handles, the Buddy Lee Aero Speed Rope is great for training. This jump rope measures nearly 10 feet long.

While it’s not recommended for use in competitions, this jump rope has many benefits.

You can easily change the size of the cord, shortening or lengthening it as needed. If you want to install new bearings and other parts, you can. With that level of customization, you can enjoy this Buddy Lee jump rope for years to come.

2. Rogue RX Custom Jump Rope

Rogue RX Custom Jump Rope

When looking for the best jump ropes, there’s also the Rogue RX.

Why is this called a custom jump rope? You can choose the color of the rope and its cable size according to your height. Some of the colors available are orange, pink, yellow, green, and black.

The Rogue RX does more than liven up your workout with a dose of color. As mentioned, you can also challenge yourself with various cable sizes.

The Hyper cable is the most lightweight at 1.3 ounces. The Beast is the thickest and biggest cable, weighing more than four ounces. No matter what kind of workout you’re in the mood for, there’s a Rogue RX jump rope to match.

3. Canwryn Ultra Light Speed Rope

Canwryn Cross Fit Exercise Jump Rope- No Tangling Lightweight Speed Wire Cable With Ergonomic Handle

Speaking of jump rope weight, there’s the Ultra Light Speed Rope. This jump rope might not be heavy, but don’t discount it.

You can potentially achieve up to seven jumps per second with this rope due to its weight. You can also practice longer without tiring your arms or legs since this jump rope is so easy to use.

With a polymer plastic dowel, five-inch handles, and a weight of less than three ounces, the Ultra Light Speed Rope is a reliable choice.

4. PowerSkip Jump Rope by Epitomie Fitness

PowerSkip Jump Rope with Memory Foam Handles & Weighted Speed Cable

The PowerSkip Jump Rope should definitely be considered when looking for best jump ropes. It includes a weighted speed cable in appealing red, green, or blue. Fold this jump rope up how you want; the cable coating prevents it from tangling.

The memory foam handles are softer and gentler on your hands so you can go longer. Unlike plastic handles, these won’t slip as much when you sweat.

Although not as heavy as some other jump ropes on this list, the PowerSkip is a solid mid-weight option.

5. SR-1 Rogue Bearing Speed Rope

Rogue Fitness SR-1 Bearing Speed Rope

Everyone has to start somewhere. The SR-1 Rogue Bearing Speed Rope is renowned as one of the best jump ropes for CrossFit beginners.

Put in your headphones and get in a good workout with this jump rope, which has nylon resin handles and swivel tip ball-bearing heads.

Feel free to change the length of this 10-foot jump rope, as it’s adjustable. The SR-1 Rogue is such a good choice you might even want to bring it to a competition.

6. Fitness Master Jump Rope

Fitness Master Jump Rope - Premium Quality - Adjustable, Best for Double Unders

Can’t get enough of customizable jump ropes? The Fitness Master also lets you create your ideal jump rope.

Unlike the Rogue RX, the Fitness Master has more of a DIY aesthetic. It includes rotating rods, rubber caps, and other parts so you can lengthen or shorten the cable as desired.

The long, lean plastic handles are great for gripping. This jump rope even comes with its own carrying case. If you ever decide to go to the gym, you can easily bring this with you.

7. RPM Fitness Speed Rope 3.0 Session

RPM Fitness Speed Rope 3.0 Session

You can’t talk about best jump ropes without mentioning the RPM Speed Rope 3.0. With a bare wire cable measuring 12 feet long, this rope is a beast. It’s designed to help you push your body to the max.

Just look at the metal handles, complete with handle anchor discs. Measuring nearly six inches long, these hollow handles are tough and durable. RPM will even engrave these!

Despite being made of metal, this jump rope weighs less than four ounces. If you’re a CrossFit pro, challenge yourself with the RPM Speed Rope 3.0.

8. Rogue Fitness Rich Froning SR-1F Speed Rope

Rogue Fitness Rich Froning SR-1F Speed Rope

Rich Froning is synonymous with CrossFit. He also helped design the Froning SR-1F Speed Rope.

With a polyurethane speed cable, this jump rope is a lengthy 10 feet. The cable can bend and twist better than nylon jump ropes. Do more top-end revolutions thanks to the high-precision bearing system.

The handles are made of a combination of plastic and rubber so you can get a firmer grip with each jump.

9. ELITE Surge Speed Rope

ELITE Surge Speed Rope

Considered one of the best jump ropes for CrossFit, the ELITE Surge Speed Rope is meant to go as fast as you can take it. Whether you’re competing or just working out at home, this is a good jump rope to have.

Weighing less than four ounces, the Surge Speed Rope includes a 10-foot cable and handles with dual ball bearings. Those handles may be made of aluminum, but they’re coated with foam so they’re not as hard on your hands.

There’s even a warranty for the handles that’s good for two years.

10. Showpin Digital Jump Rope

Jump Rope, Digital Counting Calorie Counter Jump Rope, Showpin CrossFit

Last but not least in our best jump ropes list is this rope from Showpin.

While all the other jump ropes on this list are great in their own way, the Showpin Sports Digital Jump Rope is the only one with digital capabilities. That’s why we’re calling it one of the best jump ropes for CrossFit.

With a nine-foot length, the digital readout doesn’t slow down this jump rope at all.

Instead of guessing how many times you’ve jumped, you can see via the display. You can concentrate more on your movements instead.

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