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You’ve been getting really into hot yoga lately and feeling great. Go you! Hot yoga definitely feels like a workout that will stick, unlike your short stint with spin. But you’re paying to rent a yoga mat and no-slip towel every time you practice (which is almost every day) and it’s starting to add up. It’s time to invest in a yoga mat and one that will hold up. Here’s our specialized guide to finding the best yoga mat for hot yoga.

Seeking the Best Yoga Mat for Hot Yoga

When it comes to finding the best hot yoga mat, there are a couple of things to consider. Aspects of the style and weight of the mat. Do you want a mat that’s sticky or smooth? Do you want your mat to compliment your yoga pants, or do you just want a mat to get the job done? What’s your price range?

Once you’ve answered a few of these questions, you can start shopping for the best hot yoga mat for your needs.

6 Best Hot Yoga Mats of 2019

1. Manduka eKO

best hot yoga mat

The Manduka eKO has a lot of traction when wet, which is key for hot yoga, so you don’t slip in your downward dog. The mat has a closed-cell surface with a horizontal wave pattern that helps you maintain your grip. It has more of a sticky feel than a fabric-like texture.

There’s also more cushioning and grip on this mat, and there’s even a 79″ version if you’re taller or just like the extra length. The mat is 5mm thick, the standard mat measures 71″ by 26″, and it weighs about 7 pounds. It’s made out of natural tree rubber and has no PVC or toxic plastics.

Yogis found this mat to have a great balance of cushioning, traction and handling moisture. The only downside is it’s not cheap, and it emits a strong rubber smell for the first few weeks.

2. Jade Harmony

Jade Harmony hot yoga mat

The Jade Harmony has an open cell construction which makes the mat stretchier and springier than Maduka’s closed-cell construction. If you have no idea what the difference is between closed and open cell, just remember open cell mats absorb moisture and sweat better, whereas closed cell don’t and can become slippery in hot yoga.

But open cell mats also absorb more bacteria, making them harder to keep clean, which may give your mat a shorter lifespan. Or you might just want an open cell mat if your practice is limited to non-hot yoga. This mat is also 5mm thick but feels like it has more cushioning than the Manduka. It measures 74″ by 24″, it’s eco-friendly and made out of natural rubber from rubber trees with no PVC and it weighs 4.5 pounds.

best yoga mat for hot yoga

Yogis found this mat to have a good balance of comfort and traction, while still being light and holding up well to moisture. It’s cons are it can get dirty and wear easily if used just for hot yoga, as it’s harder to clean than a closed cell mat.

3. Manduka Pro

hot yoga mat

The Manduka Pro is a good mat if you’re looking for a hot yoga mat that still has texture and cushioning, this is the mat for you. This mat is also great for holding moisture.

It’s 6mm thick, measuring 71″ by 26″ making it 2 inches wider than standard mats. It feels like fabric with a closed cell construction and weights 7 pounds. Its pros are that it has great texture, is sticky when wet, is large and spacious and comes with a lifetime guarantee. The only cons are it’s heavy and expensive (but might be worth it because again, lifetime guarantee!)

4. Manduka PROLite

Manduka PROLite hot yoga mat

The Manduka PROLite is 4.77mm thick, measuring 71″ by 24″ with a fabric-like material and closed construction cells. Which means it prevents moisture and keeps bacteria out. It weighs 4 pounds, has a good length, is lightweight and comes with a lifetime guarantee The downside is for the price, it doesn’t maintain stickiness when wet, which is a big problem for hot yoga.

5. Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip

Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip

The Gaiam Sol is a yogi favorite. It’s one of the stickiest mats, even when you pour water on it stays dry with great traction. It’s almost magical how well it maintains traction when wet. The cushioning and texture is minimal, but for hot yoga, you definitely want a mat that’s safe and slip-free over texture. It measures about 5mm thick, and is 68″ by 24″, so it’s not as long as the other mats. If you prefer length on your mat, this might not be the right fit for you.

Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip hot yoga mat

It’s made up of rubber and latex-free absorbent material, so it’s perfect if you have a latex sensitivity. Go for this mat if you want security, a slip-free mat that stays dry even when you’re dripping sweat. This might not be the right mat for you if you prefer texture, cushion, softness and a longer mat.

6. Yoga Design Lab Combo

Yoga Design Lab Combo

If style is a priority for you, then look no further than this Yoga Design Lab Combo. It’s stunning, bright, geometric patterns are sure to get you compliments in the yoga studio. It also has a microfiber towel surface that grips nicely with sweat, so it stays sticky when wet. It’s essentially a rubber mat and yoga towel in one. So if you love to add a nonslip towel to your mat rental, this is your answer.

hot yoga mats

Keep in mind this mat is specifically designed for hot yoga because of this fabric, so if you go between hot and no-heat yoga, this mat might not be the most versatile for your practice. It’s also pretty light, and only 3mm thick, measuring 68″ by 24″ and made out of natural rubber, microfiber and it’s latex free. The best part? It’s machine washable.

Choosing the Right Hot Yoga Mat

Now that you know about the different types of hot yoga mats out there, we feel confident that one of these will do the trick and exceed your expectations.

Like anything you buy, the best yoga mat for hot yoga that’s right for you might be different then what you first assumed. So don’t go by what mat your friend has, go to the mat you feel safe and comfortable which is essential when it comes to how slippery it can get in hot yoga.

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